"The luxury standard with the intimacy of bespoke."

By luxury, we mean the quality, design, and finish you expect in a designer brand-name product. We maintain high standards, as we believe that good-quality products are investment that actually saves money. You have a choice -- purchase a fast-fashion, mass produced, lower priced item, and you'll be able to enjoy it for a season or two. Or, purchase one quality product with a classic design, and enjoy it for years to come, regardless of the trend and the passage of time.

By bespoke, we talking about made-to-order. AKA, made just for you. It's the old-world experience that's almost become extinct. Recall that people would used to meet a tradesman to make the bag you need, your dining table, shoes for your feet? Goods were produced for individuals, not the masses. The tradesman had a person in mind as he crafted his goods.
That's what we do. 

We've married these two ideals together (simply because we personally love them). And we want to make the experience available to everyone who shops with us. Each item is made with the best materials we can find, and our designs are exclusive to our workshop, with timeless design and functionality in mind. Each item is made to order. Just for you. 

Thank you for shopping Theras Atelier.